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Your health will improve.

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Retreating from public view will help you regain your strength. Stop making the round of parties and spend time alone on soothing creative hobbies.


Soon, your energy will be replenished. Engage in another creative pursuit. Allow yourself to be a beginner and have fun with it. Putting your creative talent on display will pay off handsomely. People admire your work and will give you the most coveted jobs in the field.

Before letting your rage spiral out of control, so dome reflecting.

An opportunity to mentor someone who admires you will be therapeutic. In addition, it will make you proud to pass along your advanced knowledge to someone who truly values it. This is only a minor problem. Concentrate instead on all the cards that are in your favour. Your animal magnetism is hard to resist. Pick the one that makes you laugh hardest.

Rather than listing all the reasons a project will go wrong, look for aspects of the idea that are promising. If you throw your weight behind a proposal, others will find merit in it, too. Being a supportive partner will help you unexpectedly. At the very moment when you are forced to deal with an insurmountable task, someone will come forward to help you. Someone with far less talent is taking credit for your contributions. Devoting more time to healthy pursuits is strongly advised.

Gemini, today's free daily horoscope star sign by Russell Grant

Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, take regular walks. Moving your body will keep your creative juices flowing freely. It will also stop you getting physically and mentally rigid. Having too many narrow-minded people around you is driving progressive types from your door. You have no intention of abiding by a set of stuffy rules. You attract admirers like a flower draws bees. Let your amour lavish you with gifts, compliments and affection. Your stars with Russell Grant. Get involved with the news in your community.

Send your stories and photos now. You seem to have a sixth sense and you love harmony in all relationships as it gives you a wonderful feeling of contentment. Family related projects will go well. Learning to do a repair job could save you lots of money.

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It won't take long before things are up and running again. This could lead to a secret arrangement that will be profitable for both of you.

Daily Horoscopes for Gemini

Circumstances, dealings and actions taking place now will transform how you get on with people close by. An unexpected text message will fill you with excitement. You could be off and driving to some distant area soon, thanks to a surprise invitation from a friend. Travel will be emotionally and spiritually rewarding so why not start planning your next trip now? A partner will reveal aspects of themselves they normally kept well hidden. You are more than prepared to listen.

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Conversations could get very interesting and this will do wonders for your relationships as they talk about their secrets. Prepare yourself for some exciting new experiences. Intensified communications will have a lot to do with invitations received that need a quick response. A prominent person will admire your ability to act quickly. Ignore any negative comments from a friend. Don't be surprised if you feel suddenly drawn to a more creative field of work.

gemini horoscope today russell grant Gemini horoscope today russell grant
gemini horoscope today russell grant Gemini horoscope today russell grant
gemini horoscope today russell grant Gemini horoscope today russell grant
gemini horoscope today russell grant Gemini horoscope today russell grant
gemini horoscope today russell grant Gemini horoscope today russell grant

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