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Does it make you fall in love with me? Haim have consistently been a band about joy — joy for the love of music, which they are dedicated students of. Youngest sister Alana barely even applied to colleges, so certain that she was going to be in a band with her sisters. In music, they find happiness.

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So Haim turn to the masters. As Danielle explained in a social media post, the song began to come together as a little ode to cheer her partner and its co-producer Ariel Rechtshaid while she was on the road and he was at home sick with cancer.

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It can provide a smile through struggle. It can bring sun to gray skies. It can reignite your faith in love when all you want to do is cry. I felt so seen in the narratives of misfits that refused to conform to the status quo, desperate to fast-forward to the next stage of their young adult lives where they would be accepted as their truest selves. Gah, the minds of women are so powerful!

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Rap music moves faster than we can process it. Because of this perpetual forward movement, fans are always looking for the next thing. Of course, he did not do that. It would have been ridiculous and unnecessary. At first, it feels like an outro, but it quickly becomes something more than a throwaway capstone. In the video, lead singer Arrow de Wilde makes clown makeup great again while practicing her exorcist routine.

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Meanwhile, the boys look like they ambushed a Depop store. They seem cool. Even when Brockhampton makes low-key or overwhelmingly dark tracks, the rap group that has decided to call themselves a boy band tends to lean cartoony. Usually this manifests in brightly colored videos, or moments of childlike exuberance. Instead it seems designed to rebuke those who felt like Brockhampton were riding the boy-band gimmick too hard — this is purely a strong, unflashy mid-album rap track recontextualized as a single. Finally, finally Taylor will let her guard down and rest — fighting is so exhausting.

Chance the Rapper feat. Yes, Ben Gibbard! Chance, of course, is excellent on the track as well, romantically remembering days past velcro shoes and not-so-past Will Smith as Genie. The song melts various memories into one long summer — perhaps, even, days of them? Greta Thunberg, a year-old climate-change activist, does. When I listened to what Thunberg had to say, when I heard the way the were engaging with their audiences, when I imagined Matthew Healy giving his stage to another leader half his age because she believes that we still have time to make a difference, it actually calmed me down.

I think this is going to be a worldwide phenomenon. The New Orleans artist and songwriter passes the test with aplomb. May you finish your summer with the same confidence. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend everybody deserves. Vivian Girls, disciples of the s noise-pop implosion, took their love of joyful girl-group harmonies, the Ramones, and bright, blown-out guitar fuzz and transformed into extraordinary mp3 blog fodder. Except, of course, their songs were timeless compared to the forgettable riffing that dominated New York City warehouse venues and college radio in , and as women in a DIY network ruled by dudes, they were progenitors of whatever progress the space has encountered in the years since their disbandment.

What an effortlessly breezy and beautiful new song from Chicago greats Wilco, whose 14th! British pop fiend Charli XCX has become as much a purveyor of taste as she has a pop star in her own right. Its drums sound like fireworks being set off inside a closed steel container. The song closes with the residents of a house calling out the name of their dead friend, throwing bottles out the window. Van Morrison, at his best, writes wistful songs that feel almost vaporous. Wave Racer ft.

EVERY #1 SONG on my BIRTHDAY since I was born!! (EPIC B-DAY MASHUP) - Sam Tsui

Your latest guilty pleasure has arrived, courtesy of Australian producer Wave Racer. You were looking weird, you were moving kinda strange.

Big Sound Festival, back in She was based there at the time as a student by way of Botswana. So when a missive from London-based label Ninja Tune came this week with news of her debut LP, I was highly intrigued. A flawless voice? Still, the song is a win for both teams. Beyond the actual song, this remix proves how far the teen has come — and in such a short time. Blood Orange ft. Jay Som. Save the date for September 20! Post Malone ft. The fifth stage of living under Post Malone is acceptance, and it does seem like our dirtbag pop king has worn down many a skeptical listener over the last year his perpetual chart presence, at the very least, more than confirms this.

Though Mae wrote the song as a teenager in her native town of Terlingua, Texas, the song functions as both a love letter to the south-Texan desert and a portrait of the girl who left it behind.

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Lillie Mae is part of a new generation of country singers. Honey-dripped vocals and earnest reflections remain center stage, but the image of the artist herself is grittier, the stories darker, and the characters relatable on a more visceral level. The milestones Mae sings of are murkier, more elusive, than first dates and Friday nights. Rumors had been swirling around for months about a joint album from Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and the reggaetoneros finally confirmed the chatter last night with a surprise announcement on Instagram: Oasis , an eight-song set, was dropping at midnight.

The pair met through DJ Luian in , and since then, both have built formidable careers. Their voices are low, weaving around each other to the point where each individual artist is almost indiscernible. Welcome to the Oasis. The song is its own singular world and one of the best things Yorke has made without the rest of Radiohead. I hope he never makes another song like it. The performance is not the main attraction. Instead, her voice is softened and distorted, melted into the free-form funk instrumentation.

Who are you singing about?! Political songs are hard to pull off. It takes a deft, wise songwriting hand to hit that sweet spot—and as it turns out, Lucy Dacus is just the songwriter for the job. And she makes it sound so good, too. Chick rock is a hard genre to nail. Veer towards the experimental and you risk turning off mainstream listeners. Too soft? Drake feat. Against the backdrop of a steady, bass-heavy beat, Drake raps about how rich and on top of his game he is.

I love it. Without question, the first time I felt like a real adult was when, in my early 20s, I was stuck at the airport and with nothing else to do, I killed time by drinking at the airport bar. Sometimes personal epiphanies arrive in the form of well whiskey at the airport, or in this case, drinking margaritas at the mall. Darker or less dark than drinking at the airport? Something like this probably happens every day at the remaining malls in the U. That David Berman is able to make it sound noble but still sad is a great skill. Sometimes we peak early. Shit happens.

number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday
number 28 r&b song on my birthday Number 28 r&b song on my birthday

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