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God help Sri Lanka.

It is a dictatorship and all powers lie with Rajapakse to make it work. Gangs, judiciary, electoral commission, news persons, massive military, goverment workers are all tools in this machinery. I would predict a win. Yeah right a "credible" candidate supported by a not so famous and always punctual former president who had her own cronies during her tenure!!

  1. Mahinda Rajapaksa's astrologer who advised early election packs bags.
  2. Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena.
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The real and much more credible leader of the opposition who is a brilliant administrator Mr. Why because they have a personal grudge!! Kumaratunga's presidency 2terms Mind you And This common opposition has a day plan, going to Make the current leader of the opposition and the leader of the other only main party the prime minister!!! I would rather go with the known devil. My vote would have been for Mr.

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Ranil Wickramasighne or anybody else from the UNP. This time Im not going for neither.. Poor you, like so many others, who are left with nothing but self pity after 67 years of ruination by these con political artists! Nothing changeth in this phoney land full of bloodstained promises! May be,just may be, the upcoming Holy Father's visit may turn things around! Live in hope and pray hard.

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  • The IMF said last year that Sri Lanka's national accounts "suffer from insufficient data sources and undeveloped statistical techniques" and the method for deriving gross domestic product at constant prices was "not satisfactory". The government sacked the former acting director at the National Accounts Department of the Statistics office after a probe into his internal statement that stated the first-quarter growth figure was increased to 6 percent from the original 5.

    Senanayake, Dudley

    Stock Market regulator Tilak Karunaratne quit in August , saying he could no longer battle against a mafia of crooks preventing probes into insider trading and pump-and-dump scams in which investors drive up shares and then sell them. Karunaratne's predecessor, Indrani Sugathadasa, also resigned in , saying she was unwilling to compromise her principles.

    If Abeygunawardena did indeed foresee Rajapaksa's defeat, his reluctance to break the bad news might have stemmed from the fate of one of his colleagues who was arrested and thrown in jail in after publicly predicting that the president would lose the following year's election. Abeygunawardena is swift to claim credit for predicting Rajapaksa's victories in both the and elections but says no astrologer can ever be percent right, even the 16th century French seer Nostradamus.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa’s future in the balance as Sri Lanka goes to polls

    And Abeygunawardena denied simply telling Rajapaksa what he wanted to hear, claiming that he had warned him not to accept the chair in office of the member Commonwealth whose summit he hosted in Colombo in The last chairman before Rajapaksa was Julia Gillard who was unseated as Australia's premier after hosting the same event in I told him not to take it," Abeygunawardena said. The same thing happened to Our Sir.

    Shiv Sena is now a willing lamb to the slaughter Opinion. Watch trailer. Deepika looks gorgeous as she shoots for two magazine covers. How Ranveer Singh transformed into a cricketer for Five data and AI skills every engineer should know.

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    India, China announce crucial Modi-Xi summit, aim to arrest slide in ties. Astrology holds significant sway among most Buddhist and Hindu Sri Lankans. The practice has been part of Sri Lankan culture since the pre-Buddhist era, says Premakumara De Silva, professor in sociology at the Department of Sociology at the University of Colombo.

    Interest in it deepened in the s, when tabloids began to publish astrological predictions. Today, astrology plays a vital role in the lives of Buddhists and Hindus, as both a protective and productive measure, De Silva says. There is no record of the number of current astrologers in Sri Lanka, De Silva says, but he estimates it is in the thousands. Astrologers with a record of accurate predictions are revered.

    Rajapaksa Says He No Longer Believes In Astrology – Colombo Telegraph

    Rajapaksa was defeated in the January elections. The result was a major blow to Abeygunawardena, who, like other astrologers, builds his credibility on accurate predictions. Keerthi, despite his success as an astrologer, makes his living as a gem merchant. He buys and sells gems mined from his hometown, Ratnapura, famed for its mining of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

    His knowledge of gems complements his astrology, he says. Hindus believe there are nine gemstones representing nine planets, and Keerthi helps people select which gems to wear to avoid malefic periods.

    Mr Sumanadasa Abeygunawardana - Royal Astrologer

    Keerthi also uses Ayurvedic knowledge to prescribe herbal remedies and diet and lifestyle changes. Keerthi says he does about two chart readings per day because they require focused attention. In , Keerthi predicted that Madduma Bandara would have bad health, but Madduma Bandara ignored the warning. Six months later, he went to the hospital to be treated for heart failure.

    ILM certifies lean practitioners

    Madduma Bandara says he sees Keerthi once or twice a year but more often if a malefic or ominous period is detected.

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